Family Photography

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Getting your family portrait done should be a fun experience. You expect your family looking their best with everyone smiling and maybe with even a few pounds taken off for good measure. We can create that image of your perfect family looking perfect. We are incredible with your children and animals. Nobody is better taking the image or retouching and enhancement of your family portrait.

One of the benefits of my 20+ years experience is that I know how to create and conduct a photo session that runs smoothly, efficiently and is enjoyable for everyone, especially the children– I always get a good smile and show people at there very best. These captured moments of beloved children as they grow and change and reach important milestones give back a lifetime of joy for the whole family. This will result in the very best possible portraits.

We specialize in family portraits on location, whether in or around your family home or outdoors in a natural environment. We offer a free consultation to discuss what would make a perfect family portrait in your mind, and plan the steps necessary to make it a reality. From clothing to location, from posed to more candid we will design a portrait, not just take a snapshot.

Ryan Rampton is an expert when it comes to digital retouching and enhancement. Your final image won’t be just a nice picture it will be a work of art.

Ryan is not only a talented, experienced, professional photographer, but also he is really personable and fun to be around, is excellent with children, and he always gets a good smile. He will bring out your best in the portraits he makes of you.

Rampton Photography is versed in the latest digital methods making you look your best. Ryan has taught digital imaging for both the Intermountain Professional Photographers Association and the Rocky Mountain Professional Photographers Association and has won 1st place in Electronic Imaging at the IPPA competition.

Half of the success of his portraiture is in the design and art of the photo session itself, and the other half is in his skill and artwork using the computer and also in his master printing skills and top of the line equipment. You will have a perfect, personalized setting, a variety of excellent, flattering poses, selection of each person’s best smile, as well as teeth whitening, wrinkle erasing, digital liposuction, or other special requested retouching, plus all of the hundreds of little touches that make a perfect portrait.

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When planning for your session, clothing should be considered and coordinated carefully. Your clothing choices will be a critical determining factor in the final outcome of your portraits. Clothing should be of neutral colors and have a timeless feel to them. You should avoid logos and loud bright colors as these do not photograph well and will draw attention away from the subject. Newborns and babies photograph best in their own skin. A simple diaper cover or less will result in the best portrait of your new baby. If more than one person will be included in the session, clothing tones and styles should match to be sure that attention is not drawn to the clothing instead of the subjects. The main focus of the portrait should be the person being photographed and not what they are wearing. Choose color coordinated, non distracting outfits such as: white shirts and jeans or khakis, black shirts and jeans/khakis, or matching colors of the same tonality SEE EXAMPLES

We will discuss any questions or ideas during your consultation call when we schedule your photo session.

Session Fees

The session fee $150 includes a full session from 1 – 3 hours at the location of your choice (within 30 miles of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area unless otherwise specified), minor retouching on all finished portraits, session planning and style consultation, and personal photo slideshow. Bonus: $50 of the session fee applies towards the purchase of your wall portrait.


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